Allison Walker — UX Designer based in New York, NY

Mobile Experience Maps, Weight Watchers

Experience map

These experience maps were used for a pitch that would allow the client to engage with customers through a direct mail campaign using an augmented reality (AR) experience. The experience map was used to demonstrate the concept in a way that mockups could not.

The experience maps documented a customer’s initial experiences with client marketing materials, and the interactions they would have in the AR experience.

As UX Architect my goal was to visually articulate the experience journey in easy to follow detail.

These documents helped increase support and gain visibility for user experience throughout the agency. I ended up doing more of these types of experience maps for other clients.

ForGeometry Global for Weight Watchers RoleUX Architect

End-to-end experience journey for user using an AR app.

Experience map for mobile-based, artificial reality game.